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The term originally used by Vanderplank to describe inter-plot interference or parasite interference. Cucumber

See: Cucumis sativus. Cucumis anguria

The West Indian gherkin. These fruits are used mainly in pickles, but they should not be mistaken for the more common gherkin which is only a small cucumber. Cucumis melo

Melon. This highly variable species consists of four basic types, which interbreed freely. The 'Cantaloupe' melon is the most commonly cultivated and is characterised by a think, rough rind. The 'Honey Dew' melon, with ivory skin and green flesh, is also widely grown, and is in the group known as the winter or 'Casaba' melons. 'Musk melon' is popular in the United States and has a smooth skin and shallow ribs. Melons are open-pollinated. Most musk melons are andromonoecious, while Cantaloupes are usually monoecious. A good crop for amateur breeders .

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