Contour ploughing

A system of ploughing in which the furrows follow the land contours in order to minimise soil erosion. Copper

Copper is an important plant nutrient. It is an immobile element. Deficiency symptoms show first in the young leaves and shoots and result in general growth failure. Various copper compounds are used as fungicides. Copper sulphate

Copper sulphate is obtained by dissolving metallic copper in sulphuric acid to produce a blue solution that crystallises into blue crystals known as 'blue stone'. It is a constituent of Bordeaux mixture, which is made by adding newly slaked lime to a solution of copper sulphate. Copra

See: Cocos nucifera. Copyright

The legal protection of intellectual property. Most countries now have a system of granting copyrights to plant breeders for new cultivar. The breeders are then entitled to royalties on all seed sales of their cultivars. This system of reward is of special interest to amateur plant breeders, and to plant breeding clubs. New cultivars with high levels of horizontal resistance can be accurately identified with DNA 'finger printing'. Coriandrum sativum

An annual herb called coriander, and widely used since ancient times as a seasoning. Corchorus spp.

Jute. This fibre crop is cultivated mainly in India. It provides considerable scope for amateur breeders , who should remember, however, that plastic fibres have largely replaced the natural plant bast fibres. Corm

An underground storage organ of a monocotyledon consisting of a solid swollen stem. The next season's corm usually forms on top of the old one. Not to be confused with a bulb. Crocuses have corms, and tulips and onions have bulbs. Corn

Technically, any small cereal grain. However, the use of this term is usually confined to the most important cereal within a region. Thus, in the corn belt of the USA, the term refers to maize. Corn in Britain is wheat. In Scotland, it is oats.

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