Continuous epidemic

In epidemiology, a continuous epidemic is one in which the parasitism never stops. This is sometimes called endemic disease. The epidemiological significance of continuity is that the parasite does not need to find a means of survival in the absence of a host. (See also: discontinuity). Continuous pathosystem

A pathosystem in which host tissue is continuously available, and the parasitism continues indefinitely, without a break. Continuous pathosystems occur typically in evergreen, perennial hosts. Auto-infection is of primary importance in continuous pathosystems. vertical resistance has no survival value in continuous pathosystems, and it will not be found in a crop species that is derived from a continuous wild pathosystem. See also: discontinuous pathosystem. Continuous variation

A term sometimes used for quantitative variation, in which there is every degree of difference between two extremes. Thus, horizontal resistance shows continuous variation between its minimum and maximum levels. See also: discontinuous variation.

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