Cola spp

Several species of this West African genus provide kola nuts that are rich in caffeine and are chewed as a stimulant. In ancient times, the kola trade defined the camel caravan routes through Sokatoo and Timbuctoo. There is now no international trade in kola nuts, and modern cola drinks contain no true kola. Colchicine

A drug extracted from meadow saffron and used to induce polyploidy in plants. Colletotrichum coffeanum

This is quite the most serious disease of coffee, and it is caused by the fungus Colletotrichum coffeanum. At present it is confined to eastern Africa. The fungus resides in the bark and parasitises the berries only. In a susceptible tree, there is a total loss of all berries several months before harvest, and this represents the minimum level of horizontal resistance. In resistant trees selected recently in Ethiopia, there is no loss of berries, and this represents the maximum level of horizontal resistance. In other countries where the disease occurs, it is controlled with fungicides.

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