Chloris gayana

Rhodes grass; this is the dominant, wild grass in extensive savannas in East and Southern Africa. Selection has produced a number of pasture cultivare both perennial and annual. Some cultivars are turf grasses and make attractive lawns. This species can be grown over a wide range of habitats and it has been introduced to many areas. It has reasonably high yields of hay, fodder, and grazing. It is palatable to stock. A suitable species for amateur breeders in ecologically appropriate areas. Chlorophyll

The pigment that makes plants green, and which is the catalyst for converting carbon dioxide and water into carbohydrates, using solar energy, in the process known as photosynthesis. The term is derived from the Greek words for 'green' and 'leaf. Chlorotic

A loss or reduction in the green colour of leaves, due either to the destruction of chlorophyll, or to the prevention of its synthesis, usually by the action of a parasite, particularly a virus, or by a mineral deficiency. Cholam

See: Sorghum bicolor.

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