Carrying capacity of the environment

There is an absolute limit to the carrying capacity of any natural environment for any wild species. However, the carrying capacity of an artificial agro-ecosystem can be increased considerably above the natural limit by the use of artificially selected (domesticated) species, and artificial cultivation practices, such as weeding, and the use of artificial fertilisers and irrigation. Carthamus tinctoris

Safflower. A member of the Compositae family, this is a minor oil seed crop, with potential as an ornamental, grown chiefly in India, USA, and Mexico. Suitable for amateur breeders . Cash crops

A subsistence farmer usually has two categories of crop. His subsistence crops are for the feeding of himself and his family; they may also include fodder crops for his farm animals. His cash crops are grown for sale. As a general rule, a subsistence farmer is poor, and he is unwilling to spend cash on his subsistence crops, because that cash gets eaten. But cash spent on cash crops is likely to be returned with a profit. One of the many advantages of increasing the yield of his subsistence crops is that he will have more land available for cash crops.

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