See: Elusine corocana. Bullrush millet

Also known as pearl millet, spiked millet, cat-tail millet and bajra. See: Pennisetum typhoides. Butterfly

Adult insects of the Order Lepidoptera, which have large membranous wings. The wings are covered in scales, which usually confer bright colours on the upper surface of the wings, and these serve as sex attractants. The scales on the lower surface of the wings usually confer camouflage colours. At rest, the upper surfaces of the wings are displayed to attract a mate. Alternatively, they are pressed together in a plane vertical to the body for purposes of concealment. The fore-wings are normally larger than the hind wings. The long, slender antennae invariably have a clubbed end. The juvenile stages are known as caterpillars or grubs, and many are serious parasites of crops. The sucking mouthpart (proboscis) of the adult is usually a coiled tube, used for extracting nectar from flowers. See also: moths.

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