In a colloquial sense, a bug is any small organism that is a nuisance. It is also an irritating fault in a computer program. In an entomological sense, however, a bug is an insect that is a member of the Order Hemiptera, characterised by sucking mouth parts. Many bugs are serious crop parasites. Bulb

An underground storage organ of a monocotyledon in which a shortened stem bears fleshy leaf bases that enclose the next season's bud. Not to be confused with a corm. Bulk screening

A technique for obtaining a fair degree of homozygosity for the purposes of late selection. A heterozygous population of an inbreeding species is multiplied for several generations in the field with minimal or zero selection in the early stages. Such early selection as does occur involves only single gene characters such as marker genes. However, single seed descent in a greenhouse is usually preferable, because it is faster.

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