Bromus inermis

A cultivated fodder grass called 'Smooth Brome'. Broom corn

See: Sorghum bicolor. Broomrape

See: Orobanche spp. Brussels sprouts

See: Brassica oleracea. Buckwheat

See: Fagopyrum spp. Bud

A young shoot, usually protected by scales or bracts, often for over-wintering purposes. Vegetative buds can be used for bud-grafting and meristem culture, but flower buds cannot. Bud graft

The type of graft in which a vegetative bud is removed from its parent plant and used as a scion to be grafted onto a stock. The bud is normally removed with a portion of green bark, which is then inserted under the green bark of the stock. This technique is widely used with fruit trees, such as stone and pome fruits, and citrus, as well as other trees such as rubber, in order to grow a susceptible scion on a resistant rootstock. Inter-specific and inter-generic grafts are often possible. Budding

The process of making a bud-graft. The term can also be applied to the vegetative reproduction of micro-organisms (e.g., yeasts) which multiply by budding.

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