Bimodal rainfall

A tropical pattern of seasons in which there are two rainy seasons, and two dry seasons each year. Binomial coefficients

The numbers that make up the lines in Pascal's triangle. The largest binomial coefficient for a given number of pairs of genes in the gene-for-gene relationship, is the number of biochemical locks and keys obtained in the n/2 model. Bioassay

The testing or measuring of a substance with living organisms. For example, the toxicity of an insecticide can be determined by measuring its effects on living insects. Biochemical key

A term sometimes used to describe the vertical parasitism genes in an individual parasite. Its biochemical key either does or does not fit the biochemical lock of the host that it is allo-infecting. This is the operation of the system of locking of the gene-forgene relationship in a wild plant pathosystem, according to the n/2 model. Its function is to reduce the frequency of allo-infections that are matching infections, thus reducing the population explosion of an r-strategists parasite.

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