See: Glycine (soybean), Phaseolus (haricot and other beans), Vicia (broad bean, or faba bean). Bed bugs

A wingless hemipterous bug, belonging to the genus Cimex, which sucks human blood, and infests beds and dirty houses. It is of interest because centuries of use of dried flowers of Chrysanthemum cineriifolium in Dalmatia have proved that natural pyrethrins are a stable insecticide. Beech

See: Fagus sylvatica. Beehives

Amateur breeders wishing to obtain a massive random polycross in an outbreeding species that is pollinated by bees, will usually benefit from placing a beehive close to their field plots. If they do not wish to handle bees themselves, a friendly bee-keeping neighbour can probably be found to assist. Bees will also achieve a significant amount of cross-pollination in an autogamous species such as beans, but the use of a marker gene is recommended.

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