A group of fungi whose microscopic spores, called basidiospores, are produced on microscopic structures called basidia. The basidium is the result of sexual recombination, and it usually produces four haploid spores by reduction division. This group includes all toadstools and mushrooms as well as a number of plant pathogen. Basidiospore

A microscopic spore produced at the end of a basidium by a Basidiomycete. These spores are usually produced in groups of four, and they are the result of sexual recombination followed by reduction division. Basidium

A microscopic, club-shaped structure on which basidiospores are produced. Bast fibre

Any coarse plant fibre used for making ropes, sacking, or mats (e.g., hemp, jute, sisal). Batatas

See: Ipomea batatas.

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