Asexual reproduction

Reproduction without sex. Asexual reproduction prevents variation and it produces clones. Many microscopic organisms, such as viruses, bacteria, and imperfect fungi, have asexual reproduction only. Many r-strategists plant parasites, such as fungi and aphids have both sexual and asexual reproduction. This has the advantage of speed and economy for the parasite, and it permits a population explosion. If continued for too long, asexual reproduction in the higher organisms is a survival disadvantage in a wild population, but it can be very useful in agriculture. The asexual propagation of plants by cuttings, grafts, etc., is called vegetative propagation. Some Angiosperms have asexual reproduction by apomictic or nucellar seeds. See also: r-strategists. Asparagus officinalis

A dioecious vegetable that is perennial cultivated for its young succulent shoots. Difficult to breed and not recommended for plant breeding clubs.

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