See Malus. Apple scab

See Venturia inaequalis. Apricot

See Prunus armeniaca. Araceae

The family to which the aroids belong; see Alocasia, Colocasia, Cyrtosperma, and Xanthosoma Arachis hypogea

The peanut, also known as 'monkey nut', and groundnut, because the plant thrusts its pods underground as a method of self-sowing. Originating in South America, ancient domestication produced non-fragile pods and shorter pod-bearing stems. Like the non-shattering character in cereals, these changes made harvesting much easier. Most groundnut varieties are inbreeders and cross-pollination is rather difficult. They are also allotetraploids and crossing with wild diploids is not easy. However, many interspecific crosses have been made and these offer considerable scope for development. A serious challenge for amateur breeders but one with great potential for the courageous.

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