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Raoul A. Robinson ISBN 0-9731816-2-1

This guide is intended for amateur plant breeders, usually members of a plant breeding club, who need a quick reference to terms that they may encounter in the course of conversation or reading. For readers who enjoy browsing, the guide should also be a source of information for anyone wanting to get away from the modern prejudices that favour single-genes, genetic engineering, and crop protection chemicals. It is also a guide for organic farmers, and for those interested in sustainable agriculture, pure food, and a healthy lifestyle.

Although hard copy of this book is easily printed, the electronic version is recommended for its links. Clicking on any link will take you immediately to its main reference, and the 'back' button will take you back to your original reading. Hypertext makes browsing both easy and interesting.

Readers requiring more technical detail are referred to Self-Organising Agro-Ecosystems, available as shareware at Readers contemplating a plant breeding club are referred to Return to Resistance, also available at this site, and to the author's website, Other books are listed in the Recommended Reading at the end of the present work.

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Any person, library, or organisation may download, print, or photocopy this book for purposes of private study, and do so free of legal or financial liability. However this book is copyrighted, and it may not be reproduced in any form for purposes of financial gain. If a copy is being given to a third person, it must contain this copyright notice without alteration.

This book is shareware. Any person, library, or organisation may make an entirely voluntary contribution of any amount by way of compensation to the author. To make such a contribution electronically, go to, or mail a payment, specifying this book, to:

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