Species, ecotypes, or pathotypes that come from another part of the world. Allopolyploid

A polyploid has more than two sets of chromosomes (e.g., triploid, tetraploid). In an allopolyploid, the chromosomes are derived from two or more different species. In an autopolyploid, all the chromosomes are derived from the same species. Allotetraploid

An allotetraploid has four sets of chromosomes derived from two different diploid species. For example, Coffea arabica is believed to be an allotetraploid derived from a cross of the two diploid species Coffea canephora and Coffea eugenioides. An interspecific cross is usually sterile, but the cross can be made fertile by doubling its chromosome number, and making it an allotetraploid. However specialists should be consulted before such a breeding approach is attempted by amateur breeders in other crops. Allspice

See: Pimenta dioica.

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