Greek; alio = other, or different; gamy = marriage. The term means cross-pollination. An allogamous plant or species is one in which cross-pollination is normal or even obligatory. Cultivated allogamous species include maize, sorghum, millets, and rye; members of the onion family, members of the cucumber family; and various pulses and vegetables. The converse term, meaning self-pollination, is autogamy. Allo-infection

Infection is the contact made by one parasite individual with one host individual for the purposes of parasitism. Allo-infection (Greek: allo = other or different) means that the parasite has arrived from somewhere else; it had to travel to its host. The first infection of any host individual must be an allo-infection. The gene-for-gene relationship provides a system of locking which ensures that most allo-infections are non-matching infections. This is the sole function of vertical resistance in a wild pathosystem. (See also: Auto-infection, Allogamy).

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