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This dictionary provides a representative selection of technical terms from the huge vocabulary of plant breeders, seed producers, and all those who work in related fields. Different terms included in this book have been arranged alphabetically on a word-by-word basis. When Greek letters were necessary in association with some words, they were translated into English and also arranged according to alphabetical order.

Names of scientists and/or family names are in all capital letters. However, when used adjectively (e.g., Mendelian) or as a unit of measure (e.g., Angstrom), only the first letter is capitalized.

Explanations to a given term may be more or less extensive. Several definitions have simply been separated by a semicolon. Terms that are either very general in nature or self-explanatory have been avoided. Alternate names of terms have been given within the definition.

Cross-references have been provided wherever necessary for economizing space, demonstrating interrelationships, and organizing the material in a clear manner. Cross-referenced terms are indicated by the symbol >>>.

Several terms are glossed and supplemented by tables, figures, and illustrations. Cross-reference figures and tables are also indicated by the symbol >>>, together with the number of the figure or table.

Since plant breeders and specialized scientists make use of different meanings of identical terms or vice versa, the terms were categorized according to the scheme given under abbreviations. Whenever it was necessary or possible the term was associated with one or more abbreviations of a scientific field and/or category.

Figures, tables, and a list of crops, weeds, and some other important plants are included in separate sections. The latter shows the common names and the scientific descriptions, together with the chromosome number, genome constitution, DNA content, and other details as far as possible.

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