As a complex subject, plant breeding makes use of many scientific and technological disciplines, such as agronomy, horticulture, forestry, seed production, genetics, molecular genetics, biotechnology, biochemistry, mutagenesis, population genetics, biometry, botany, cytology, cytogenetics, ecology, plant evolution or genetic conservation, and laboratory technologies. Often it is difficult to know the precise meaning of many terms and to accurately interpret specific concepts of plant breeding. Most dictionaries and glossaries available are highly specific or fragmentary. Until now, no attempt has been made to provide a comprehensive compilation of plant breeding terms. This dictionary includes the specific terms of plant breeding and terms that are adjusted from other disciplines.

Moreover, the intent was to create a book that includes not only present terms, but also some terms used during the long history of plant breeding. In addition, this book offers most of the words used by a plant breeder and seed producer together in one source. In order to also serve students, teachers, and research workers, the book is supplemented with breeding schemes, tables, examples, and a list of crop plants, including a few details.

Completeness could not be achieved. The modern subjects, such as biotechnology, molecular genetics, cytogenetics, and genetic engineering, were included as far as possible. Selection was made on the basis of the author's experience and his knowledge of the breeder's requirements. This is a modest effort to serve the scientific community.

Plant breeding is a rapidly developing subject, particularly through the achievements of modern genetics and genetic engineering. Therefore, the definitions or descriptions given here may subsequently be modified. The author, therefore, accepts no responsibility for the legal validity, accuracy, adequacy, or interpretation of the terms given in this book. Suggestions or errors brought to his attention will be considered whenever possible.

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