Encyclopedic Dictionary of Plant Breeding and Related Subjects


//T have read through Dr. Schlegel's I book, Encyclopedic Dictionary of Plant Breeding and Related Subjects. I was impressed with the wide range of terms and with the other information related to crop breeding, cytogenetics, and taxonomy. Almost any conceivable term related to these disciplines is defined within Schlegel's dictionary. I was especially impressed with his treatment of nomenclature for wheat cytogenetic stocks. I expect this work will become a valuable desk reference for plant breeders, geneticists, and students of these disciplines."

Eric N. Jellen, PhD

Associate Professor ofCytogenetics, Department of Plant and Animal Sciences, Bngham Young University r. Schlegel has produced a land-mark ^J dictionary of prodigious scope. It is targeted to plant breeding and is generous in its coverage of botanical terms and other terms that plant scientists or workers in other fields can use to get a quick definition of a term or concept. A highlight of the book is a large list of crop plants by common and scientific names. Another feature is a large collection of schematics showing reproductive biology, plant breeding methods, field designs, and other topics. Finally, the author demonstrates the principles of genetics, genomes, and taxonomy, to name a few, in a series of tables. I believe the book will be especially useful to workers whose first language is other than English because technical terms are easily found and simply defined. Students will want to know about this book and have ready access to it."

Calvin O. Qualset, PhD

Professor Emeritus, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of California, Davis

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