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Lawn Company Secrets

Lawn Company Secrets

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A1771 Caring for Deciduous Shrubs

A1817 Caring for Your Established Shade Trees

A1730 Evergreens: Planting and Care

NCR356 Fertilizing Garden and Landscape Plants and Lawns

A3073 Identifying Shade Tree Problems

A3435 Lawn Maintenance and Problems

A1990 Lawn Weed Prevention and Control

NCR26 Lawn Weeds and Their Control

A3383 Mulches for Home Gardens and Plantings

A2305 Organic Soil Conditions

Plant care (continued)

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Recognizing Common Shade Tree Insects


Selecting, Planting and Caring for Your Shade Tree


Tree and Shrub Fertilization


Turf Insect Pest Control Guide


Woody Ornamental Insect Pest Control Guide

Yard Care and the Environment is a series of publications developed by UW-Extension and the Department of Natural Resources. Titles include:

  • Rethinking Yard Care
  • Shoreline Landscape Options and Plants
  • Landscape Practices for Healthier Plants and Improved Water Quality
  • Lawn and Garden Fertilizers
  • Lawn and Garden Pesticides
  • Selecting a Lawn Care Company
  • Watering

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Lawn Care

Lawn Care

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