The Pieces Of The Ecological Gardes

4. Bringing the Soil to Life Soil Life: The First Recyclers Building Soil Life

Sharing the Wealth oj the Soil

SiDEBARS^^oocJy Ways ft) Build Soil 70

The Ultimate, Bomb-Proof Sheet Mulch 72 Starting Plants in Sheet Mulch 75

5. Catching. Conserving, and Using Water The Fivefold Path to Water Wisdom Conserving Water xrith£atchment

Water Brings the Garden to Life

S1DEB44H Hen»/ Jo Make a Swale 84

Planning a ^feer-Harvfsting Systecn 90 Tips for Using Greywater M3 Crating a Backyard Wetland 96

6. Plants eor Many Uses The Many Roles of a Tree Multipurpose Plants

The Roles of Plants in the Ecological Theater Annuals and Perennials Microclimates jor the Garden Nurs^ Scaljolds, and Chaperones Summary: Mixing the Many Functions oj Plants

Sidebar: Wea<^ and Other Wild Food I 13

7. Bringing in the Bees, Birds, and Other Helpful Animals More Good Bugs than Bad

Attracting Beneficial Insects The Gardener's Feathered Friends Other Backyard Helpers

Sicsfc«: A Gallery of Beneficiay^fts 127

Part Three

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