List oj Photos and Illustrations vili

Foreword by John Todd xi

Preface xv


i. Introducing the Ecological Garden 3

Gardens thmt Really Work with Nature 4

Why iA Gardening So Much Work? 7

Beyond Beyond Natural Gardening 8

The Natives versus Exotics Debate 10

Makin^the Dastrt Bloom, Sustainably 1 3

HoWr to Use 7his B»ok 1 ^ Sidebar: What Is Perm^eulture? 4

2. A Gardener's Ecology 17 Three Ecological Principles 1 8 /I Mature Garden 2 2 /I few oj'Nature's Tricksjor Gardeners 25-

Sideba^tSd Plant Communities Really Exist?*27

3. Designing tin: Ecological Garden 30 The Ecological Design Process 3 1 Natural Patterns in the- Garden 4f Sidebars: "Some Pear Tree C«Hthecti<hne 36

A Summary: Designing the Ecological Garden 44 Building and Planting aHeyhdW Bed 46

Part Two

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