Assembling The Ecological Garden

8. Creating Communities for the: GariAn Int.erplanting and Beyond Guilding the Garden

Sidebars: lanto Evans's Polyculture 144

Jajarkot's Advanced P»Jyculture 145 Growing the!'",ree Sisters Guild 149

»9. Dèsigning Garden Guilds Ar, Intimate Waj of Guild-Building GuildsJor Bookworms Creating a Super-Guild ■GuildsAren't Perfnt

Slft§s*r: Using Natural Plant Communities to Guide Guild Design 159

10. Growing a Food For^t Experimenting with Forest Gardens The Seven-Story Garden

How the Food Forest Evolves

Sidebar: A Brief Hist)»^ of Forest Gardens 171

11. Pop Goes the Garden Choosing the Plight Pieem The Garden GÊIWopping Assembling tht Garden Revisited

$ipbar: Ecoh^kal Compromises, or You Can't Mate an Omelet 192

Appendix:A Sampling 0] Useful Plants





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