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Here are some of the things you get from the book. Detailed Zone map to detemine the proper Palms for your area. Complete list of Palms for your zone. How to plant and care for your new Palms and Tropicals. Places to buy your palms online or locally. How to select your palms.

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Tree Size

Root Balled

The size of a tree largely determines the amount of transplant shock it will experience, with larger trees generally experiencing more shock. This shock is mainly caused by root loss during transplanting - trees can lose 90 percent or more of their roots when they are dug - and results in smaller foliage for at least one growing season and reduced shoot length and diameter growth for several seasons. Recovery from transplant shock takes about one year for each inch of trunk diameter for an...

Mature trees

Selective Cutting Diagram

The pruning of large shade trees by the homeowner should be limited to the branches that can be reached from the ground. If large limbs need to be removed, enlist the professional services of a certified arborist with the proper skills, equipment and insurance. Observe caution when pruning around power or utility lines. Employ a trained arborist for pruning near hazardous areas. Figure 13. Diagram of radial spacing It is not necessary or desirable to cut back the canopy of a tree when...

The Names Of Trees

Many of the trees described in this book, both native and introduced, have common English names, in consequence some explanation is necessary for the prominence given to the less familiar scientific names which are difficult to spell and remember. There are several reasons for adopting this course. Firstly, the common names lack precision. To the casual observer a Birch tree is easily recognizable but in fact we have two native species in Britain. Although closely related, so closely in fact...

The Root System

Fasciculate Roots

Being below ground the root system escapes genera atlention but in fact it is at least as extensive as the aerial system we see above soil level. Broadly there are two types of root systems. Some trees have a stout tap root which penetrates deeply into the soil, whereas others have a fasciculate system of several main roots which grow obliquely downwards. However, intermediate types are common and although some trees are typically shallow-rooted and others deep-rooted the depth of penetration...

Arbutus unedo

Arbutus Unedo

This beautiful and unusual tree can be found wild in the British Isles only in the west of Ireland, It grows plentifully around Killarney and more locally as far north as Lough Gill in County Sligo. Its main home is the Mediterranean region, and it is an evergreen adapted to a climate of mild wet winters and hot dry summers. Its dark green leathery leaves, with their waxy surface, enable it to restrict water loss. They are simple in design, shaped like a long oval with toothed edges, and are...