Wild Plant Pathosystems and Crop Pathosystems

A wild plant pathosystem is an autonomous, self-organising, dynamically stable, resilient system. This is axiomatic because, had it not been so, for any significant period during its evolutionary history, it could not have survived and it would no longer exist.

The modern crop pathosystem, on the other hand, usually suffers from an over-control by people, to the point of dangerous instability. This instability comes from failures of host resistance (see 10.6.1), failures of crop protection chemicals (see 10.6.3 & 10.6.4), an undue reliance on those crop protection chemicals, and an excessive susceptibility to crop parasites (see 6.6). As we know to our cost, the crop pathosystem usually collapses into chaos if this external control is relaxed.

Chapter Two

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