The Advantages of Vertical Resistance

Vertical resistance has several quite considerable advantages. It is so scientifically elegant, and so easy to observe and manipulate in a breeding program, that it is immediately attractive to plant breeders. Indeed, this elegance was largely responsible for the classic, gene-transfer breeding of the twentieth century.

Vertical resistance also has the very considerable practical advantage that it normally confers a complete protection against the parasite in question. It confers an apparent immunity, and its ephemeral nature is not immediately apparent.

This kind of resistance also has a wide climatic adaptation. This means that a vertical resistance is relatively insensitive to climate, and it is ideally suited to a large central breeding institute that is required to produce cultivars for a large area of cultivation. In this restricted sense, it was the perfect resistance for the 'green revolution' in wheat and rice, as it allowed a single cultivar to be cultivated over a large area. Vertical resistance has led to a major increase in the agro-ecological range of individual cultivars.

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