Technical assistance

Technical assistance with the one-pathotype technique may be needed in one or more of the following:

  • Obtaining samples of the parasites concerned.
  • Confirming their identification.
  • Identifying, matching, and inoculating the designated host.

Maintaining the cultures of designated pathotypes.

  • Identifying parent cultivars that are susceptible to every designated pathotype.
  • Inoculating the screening population with the designated pathotypes.

Technical assistance is likely to be most readily available from a nearby university, particularly from a professor who is in charge of a plant breeding club. This assistance may be minimal, consisting of no more than casual advice. Or it may range through practical training sessions to actually designating and supplying the pathotypes in question. No doubt, this assistance will be given on a co-operative basis, and the amateur club will be expected to reciprocate. The most likely form of reciprocation would be invitations to students who want to experience other crops and other clubs.

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