Stable Small Space Low Profile Long life Inexpensive Many Cultivars

From these comments, it is clear that a horizontally resistant cultivar has stable resistance (see 10.6). It has the disadvantage of being limited to a single agro-ecosystem it is thus 'small space'. Its quantitative nature also means that its effects are not immediately obvious. It is thus 'low profile'. But it does have the advantage of stability and durability. It is thus 'long life'. And, because breeding for horizontal resistance is simple, it is cheap, and there is no limit to the number of amateur breeders who can use it. Consequently, this approach will produce 'many cultivars'. In these respects, the properties of horizontal resistance are the exact opposite of vertical resistance, which is 'unstable, big space, high profile, short life, expensive, few cultivars' (see 5.6).

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