Self Organising Agro Ecosystems

If we are to achieve self-organisation in crop improvement, we must imitate the self-organising food production and distribution system that everyone seems to take completely for granted. There must be a minimum of government control but, otherwise, there should be decentralisation, with as many individuals as possible contributing to the system. We need a virtually unlimited individual response to social need and market demand. These individuals should have complete liberty to breed any crop they choose, using any techniques they please. At their most incompetent, they can do no harm, other than wasting their own time and money. At their potential best, many thousands of individuals contributing effectively to crop improvement can transform our agriculture, our food supply, and our environment. These thousands of amateur plant breeders, to say nothing of the farmers themselves, would become an integral component of self-organising agro-ecosystems, and of a global self-organising system of food production and distribution.

11.22 Adam Smith

The last word belongs to Adam Smith, the solitary genius who first recognised the importance of self-organisation, and who warned both against abusing it, and against damaging it by over-control.

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