Horizontal Resistance against Insects

It must be remembered that relatively few plant breeders have worked with resistance to insect parasites, and that even fewer have worked with horizontal resistance. A bibliographic review of resistance in vegetables by Stoner (1992) is valuable, and Gallun and Khush (1980) have reported records of horizontal resistance to insects in the following:

Sorghum shoot fly (Atherigona varia soccata).

Cereal leaf beetle (Oulema melanopus).

European maize borer (Ostrinia nubialis).

Maize earworm (Heliothes zea).

Fall army worm in maize (Spodoptera frugiferda).

Striped cucumber beetle (Acalymma vittatum).

Squash bug (Anasa tristis).

Spotted alfalfa aphid (Therioaphis maculata).

Chapter Eight

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