Advantages for the university

A new approach to teaching. In addition to the learning process, plant breeding clubs would provide advantages that the students would not obtain from the more conventional lab and field classes. These advantages include the actual participation in the production of new cultivars, and life membership in the club.

Members of existing clubs have also discovered that their clubs provide a useful link between their practical experience on their family farm, and the relatively academic teaching of the university.

A new approach to research. Most universities have abandoned research that involves plant breeding designed to produce new cultivars. Plant breeding clubs would provide new opportunities for providing farmers with the practical assistance that emerges from successful research.

Kudos from successful new cultivars. The production of an assortment of valuable new cultivars in a range of locally important crops could provide valuable prestige for a university.

A renewal of the land-grant college concept. The kudos earned from new cultivars would represent a return to the esteem that existed when the land grant colleges were first formed in the United States, with a really close co-operation between agricultural scientists and farmers.

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