Advantages for the professors

A new approach to teaching. Plant breeding clubs would provide a new kind of teaching in which the students themselves are involved in the actual achievements of both demonstrating the value of horizontal resistance, and of producing new resistant cultivars.

Teaching credits. Each club would have a professor in charge of it and the professor would earn teaching credits for this activity.

Long-term research. Short-term research grants have no guarantee of renewal and our system of financing agricultural research discourages long-term research projects, such as breeding for horizontal resistance. Because the breeding club work would be a teaching activity, its continuation would be secure, and the professor in charge could undertake long-term research in this topic. It need hardly be added that this is an area that has been seriously neglected, and that such research is urgently needed. In no small measure, this neglect has been due to the long-term nature of the research, and the insecurity of the research grant system.

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