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surpasses economic threshold levels. An issue of growing importance, however, is the relationship between the bean leaf beetle and a host of soybean seed diseases.

Because the majority of organic soybeans are destined for the edible tofu market, a white seed color is required. Soybeans will enter the organic feed market at a reduced price if there is purple, brown, or tan staining from Cercospora, Fusarium, soybean mosaic virus, or bean pod mottle virus, transmitted by the bean leaf beetle. Although certain varieties appear to resist staining, high rainfall during pod set may create ideal conditions for the spread of the disease in any variety. Soybean cyst nematode has not been found to be a problem on organic farms. Several factors, including crop rotations and chemical exu-dates from crop residues and manure applications, may mitigate against nematode survival. Soil sampling two weeks prior to harvest is recommended to determine any possible nematode introductions. Non-GMO SCN-resistant varieties can be used if infestations are detected.

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