Starting A Business

Most small businesses come into being for one of two reasons - ambition or desperation! A person with genuine ambition for commercial success will never be completely satisfied until he has become self-employed and started his own business. But many successful businesses have been started because the proprietor was forced into this course of action because of redundancy.

Before giving up his job, the would-be businessman should consider carefully whether he has the required skills and the temperament to survive in the highly competitive self-employed market. Before commencing in business it is essential to assess the commercial viability of the intended business because it is pointless to finance a business that is not going to be commercially viable.

In the early stages it is important to make decisions such as: What exactly is the product being sold? What is the market view of that product? What steps are required before the developed product is first sold and where are those sales coming from?

As much information as possible should be obtained on how to run a business before taking the plunge. Sales targets should be set and it should be clearly established how those important first sales are obtained. Above all, do not underestimate the amount of time required to establish and finance a new business venture.

Whatever the size of the business it is important that you put in writing exactly what you are trying to do. This means preparing a business plan that will not only assist in establishing your business aims but is essential if you need to raise finance. The contents of a typical business plan are set out later. It is important to realise that you are not on your own and there are many contacts and advising agencies that can be of assistance.

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Business Brains

Business Brains

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