Watering Wisely Some General Tips

Here are some tips for making sure your watering efforts are as effective as possible. Stick them on your fridge or hang them in the garden shed.

  • Early morning is the best time to water, because there's less evaporative loss due to heat, less wind, and better water pressure. Morning watering also supplies plants with the moisture they need to get through the day. Finally, the foliage has a chance to dry out, which reduces the likelihood of diseases arising from nighttime wetness.
  • Check soil moisture with a soil probe or trowel before watering.
  • Don't water when it's windy.
  • Put a rain sensor on your controller so it doesn't water in the rain.
  • Don't hose off your pavement unless the water will run into an area that needs to be watered.
  • Look for particular plants that show drought stress first; use them as indicators that you need to water the area they're growing in.
  • Keep weeds down; they use water too.
  • Go easy on the fertilizer. Plants that are growing fast and loose use more water than ones that are more sedate.

Community resources for water conservation

Most communities, especially in hot dry climates, offer a wealth of information on landscape water conservation. Check your water utility's Web site, or call to see whether the company offers on-site water audits, free water conservation tools (such as catch-cans for water audits, soil moisture probes, and low-cost recycled mulch), educational materials, classes, or demonstration gardens.

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