Water workhorses Getting the irrigation tools you need

The truly sustainable landscape doesn't need an irrigation system, and depending on your climate, this ideal may be easily attainable for you. In drier climates, though, it's difficult to have a nice garden without some supplemental watering, which is best accomplished with a well-designed, water-conserving irrigation system. The following tools can get you through a typical irrigation system installation:

  • Pipe shears: These special cutters do a bang-up job on plastic pipe.
  • Pressure gauge: You use this tool only once, so borrow one from your supplier if possible.
  • Small screwdriver or proprietary tool: Use these for adjusting sprinkler heads.
  • Trenching shovel: A special narrow shovel for digging trenches.
  • Two pairs of tongue-and-groove pliers: These are handy for tightening threaded connections. (You need two pairs because you have to twist the two pieces you're fitting together in opposite directions.)

For more on irrigation, see Part III.

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Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

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