Understanding problems with conventional pest control

The more pesticides you use, the more pests you have. Insects breed so rapidly that new generations are quickly born with natural resistance to the pesticides. The chemical industry constantly battles to come up with new formulations that will outevolve the pests — and it isn't winning. Add to this the toxic legacy of so many often-unregulated and untested chemicals, and you have cause for concern about conventional approaches to keeping pests at bay.

(ttNG/ Because of the inherent dangers involved, the use of pesticides by licensed professionals and farmers is highly regulated. Yet many of the same chemicals that require application permits and recordkeeping when used by pros can be applied by untrained homeowners with no oversight. Keep in mind that just because you can buy something at the nursery doesn't necessarily mean that it's safe. For detailed info, including an extensive database of toxicity information on pesticides, visit the Pesticide Action Network North America Web site at www.panna.org.

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Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

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