Trying out types of weed controls

Here are some great strategies that really work. Use them, and your weed problem will gradually decline to nearly nothing. Really.

  • Physical controls: Use plants that are at least knee-high for most of your landscaping. Maintain a 3- to 4-inch-deep layer of organic mulch in all beds and open areas. To get rid of a strong stand of established weeds, sheet mulch the area. (Visit Chapter 16 for details on sheet mulching.) Use a drip system (see Chapter 8) to keep as much of the soil surface dry as possible. Pull weeds when they're young and before they set seed.
  • Biological controls: Goats, geese, ducks, chickens, and other browsing animals eat weeds (as well as desirable plants). So do certain insects for a limited range of weed species. You can even find mycoherbicides — fungi that destroy weeds.
  • Chemical controls: You probably know the name of a certain herbicide that seems to work very well. (I would never mention it in a family book like this one.) People love it. It's a lot more hazardous than you've been told, however. What's more, after 30 years of using it in massive quantities worldwide, we seem to have as many weeds as ever. Does it sound like something's wrong? There is.

You don't need that harsh chemical stuff. Sheet mulching works better. If you want to kill existing weeds, spray them with horticultural vinegar (this is a strong acid so be careful when you apply it), or use corn gluten meal to suppress the development of weed seedlings, including crabgrass. (See Chapter 22 for the full scoop.)

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