Treating special water problems

Bacterial iron slime is an organism that inhabits some water supplies. It grows inside pipes, valves, sprinklers, drip emitters, and other parts of the system. If your pipes have greenish-brown slippery stuff inside them, chances are you've been slimed. Treatment isn't easy or practical. The best thing to do is to stick with sprinklers, avoiding drip systems and mini-sprinklers, which can easily become plugged.

Hard water can affect irrigation equipment, but not as often as you may think. Because the insides of the equipment don't dry out very often, the minerals that are present in hard water stay in solution and ride on through. Still, if water is hard enough, you may find yourself replacing equipment regularly. Treatment of the water usually isn't practical for irrigation because of the volume of water used.

Dirty water can make a mess of the best systems. Installing a prefilter at the point of connection can help; talk to your supplier about options. Clean the filter regularly, and be sure to choose contamination-resistant valves (also called dirty water valves) that are better suited to passing lots of gunk.

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