Tips for Constructing Steps Sustainably

Landscaping, like life, has its ups and downs — literally, in the case of steps. Negotiating the journey safely and comfortably doesn't mean throwing environmental considerations out the window, however. First refer to Chapter 12 to pick out the sustainable material you want to use, and then head to Landscaping For Dummies, which tells you how to build garden steps out of stone or timber. Here I provide tips for putting steps together safely and sustainably:

  • If you make steps from stone, set larger stones directly into the soil without any use of concrete (making them a reusable heritage material).
  • If you use smaller, less stable stones, make sure the steps are tied together with strong concrete footings containing plenty of steel so they don't crack or move independently.
  • Placing rebar in a set of steps is a good idea, because steps are subject to movement and cracking. Adding rebar means that your steps won't be as easy to recycle at the end of their life, but they'll last longer.

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Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

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