The outdoor kitchen

Traditional cultures have been cooking outdoors for millennia, using simple equipment. Western culture has made outdoor cooking the domain of the male of the species, bravely directing the immolation of animal parts on the outdoor grill. Recently, entire modern kitchens have been appearing in the yards of well-to-do homeowners, complete with nearly everything an indoor kitchen would have.

Outdoor cooking is fun, keeps the real kitchen cleaner, and may even use less energy. If you're going to include a kitchen in your hardscape, here are some points to consider:

  • Keep it simple. A modest kitchen area with low-impact fixtures and appliances is sustainable.
  • Consider cooking with charcoal instead of gas; it isn't a no-impact approach but it's somewhat better. An even better idea would be to incorporate a solar cooker; visit for hot ideas on this subject.
  • If you have a sink, let the graywater irrigate your landscape. See Chapter 8 for the lowdown on graywater.
  • Add solar lighting so you can see whether your tofu is burning.
  • Use natural materials like cob, adobe, and stone.
  • Place the outdoor kitchen close to the indoor kitchen. Don't make yourself carry ingredients, tools, and finished meals all the way across the yard.
  • Locate cooking areas where prevailing winds will blow smoke and odors away from living areas.
  • Allow room for socializing. People tend to congregate in outdoor kitchens the same way they do in indoor ones.
  • Don't cook under overhanging trees or structures that could catch fire.

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