The Best Use of Land Growing Food

People went kind of crazy after World War II. Huge cars with tailfins, Twinkies, and big front lawns consumed the affections of "modern" Americans. One of the casualties was homegrown food, a common part of life before then. Times have changed again, and it's time to get back to growing our own groceries. Feeding your family is the very best use of your land — and not as difficult as you may think.

When it comes to sustainability, you not only make good use of your land by growing food to feed your family, but you also reduce farm-to-plate transport from miles to feet and eliminate fossil-fuel use. Perhaps the best benefit is the fact that homegrown food is utterly fresh, delicious, free of pesticides, and fun to grow. You can enjoy varieties that are vastly more flavorful than anything you'll buy at the supermarket. If you have kids, introduce them to the art of food growing; they may need this knowledge more than we do.

The following sections introduce the benefits of growing your own food and provide pointers on growing the best garden full of a variety of foods.

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