Sweeping and recompacting decomposed granite

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Decomposed granite (also known as d.g.) is a compacted granular material that develops loose particles on the surface. For safety's sake and to avoid tracking the particles into the house (where they can do a number on hardwood floors), it's a good idea to sweep the particles off.

An alternative method is to recompact the surface periodically with a lawn roller filled with water or with a vibratory place compactor. This compactor is, as you might guess, a big vibrating metal plate, the sole purpose of which is to squash things flat. You walk behind one of these devices the way you walk behind a lawn mower.

Prevent water from running across d.g., because it can wash out little gulleys pretty quickly, especially if the material isn't treated with a stabilizer. Loosen, regrade, and recompact d.g. if the surface gets too gnarly for safety.

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