Sprinkler distribution uniformity

Here's a paradox: Try getting even coverage by watering a square area with circular arcs of water. One look at the geometry of the situation makes it clear that sprinkler coverage — or distribution uniformity (DU), as we irrigation pros say — can never be perfect with this kind of setup.

Given the impossible geometry, we allow ourselves to be satisfied with 70 percent DU, meaning that a fairly large part of the area isn't getting adequate water. To keep those drier areas irrigated properly, you'd have to increase watering time to the point that the rest of the area is being overwatered. This system isn't very sustainable, which is why I like drip so much; the DU for it is 100 percent for all intents and purposes.

^ To get optimal DU, place your sprinkler heads so that each head shoots over to all its neighbors, as you see in Figure 8-2, where the dots represent sprin-■ #qj 1 kler heads and the numbers note the number of heads hitting each area of the yard. That arrangement is called head-to-head coverage, and it's essential to proper performance of the system. Without it, you get dry spots, wasted water, and sickly plants.

Figure 8-2:

Distribution uniformity.

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