Raccoons and other mediumsize critters

Vertebrate pests, as the pros call the medium-size critters, can be exasperating. Some can be adorable too: fuzzy little bunnies that eat your plants and bushy-tailed ground squirrels that undermine your patio. They were here first, and we have no right to exclude native animals from our environment. Some species, such as raccoons, opossums, and skunks, seem to be making a comeback in many neighborhoods as they adapt to a changed environment. I believe that they have rights and that their contributions to the suppression of still smaller pests need to be taken into account. Still, we gardeners need to set some boundaries. Consider the following options for nontoxic control:

  • Remove attractions such as pet food from outdoor areas.
  • Eliminate den sites near the house by cleaning up brush and wood piles.
  • Place fencing around vulnerable plantings, such as veggie beds.
  • Chase them off with special motion-sensing sprinkler heads.
  • Spray repellents or predator pee around the yard.
  • Trap them or call your community's animal control department for help.
  • Get a dog (or, I'm told, a llama) to keep animals at bay.

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