Preventing landslides

Some land is especially prone to landslides. If you suspect you're on such land, call a geologist for a consultation.

Preventing landslides in some geologic conditions is nearly impossible, but you can do the following things to prevent catastrophic losses in basically stable soils:

  • Avoid terracing slopes so that they catch rainwater (terracing can be a great strategy in stable soils but disastrous in fragile situations).
  • Use a drainage system to catch roof water and site runoff and take it well away from the slope.
  • Don't build structures or retaining walls without professional advice.
  • Avoid planting the slope with grasses, which have large numbers of stem penetrations (as opposed to individual shrubs with only one stem each). Grass blades are little funnels that direct water into the soil and supersaturate it, making it more likely to cut loose.

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