Practicing your best defense Prevention

The first line of termite defense is prevention. All the eradication techniques are useless if your deck is vulnerable in the first place. So follow these prevention tips:

  • Termites love moisture, so keeping things dry is a good start at controlling them. Direct sprinklers away from the deck. Plant drought-tolerant plants nearby, but keep all plant parts at least 24 inches away from the deck. Direct runoff away from the area. Don't let water from potted plants soak through to the deck; use waterproof saucers that drain clear of all decking.
  • Build your deck properly, with an eye toward making it less vulnerable. Contact between soil and wood is a good way to call up a termite infestation, for example. Set posts on concrete footings, and put the posts in special metal anchors that hold the ends up in the air.
  • Never store wood or allow wood scraps to be left in the vicinity of the deck. Termites often feed on these canap├ęs before moving on to the structure entree.

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Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

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