Poultry in motion The chicken tractor

Chickens are multipurpose garden elements, providing cultivation, weeding, pest control, fertilizer, eggs, and cuteness all in one feathery, clucking package. Three or four hens will keep a family well supplied with eggs. (Roosters will get you busted in most places, though.) A classic henhouse — around 4 by 8 feet, made very sturdily to keep predators out — is a wonderful addition to the sustainable garden. But another approach is even more sustainable because it performs more tasks than a henhouse. Stand back — here comes the chicken tractor.

A chicken tractor is essentially a portable coop with four walls and a roof covered in (what else?) chicken wire; it also has a somewhat enclosed roosting area. What makes this contraption unique is that the bottom is open to the ground. Imagine your little cluckers happily munching away on the weeds and depositing valuable nutrients on the soil. Now imagine rolling the whole shebang, chickens and all, to a fresh spot every couple of weeks. That would be a chicken tractor — a cozy, predatorproof, attractive way to get some help with the needs of your garden. Figure 13-3 shows how it may look.

Chicken Tractor Movement

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