Place catch basins at low points and connect them to a suitable discharge location with an underground drainpipe

Make sure that your low points are at least 10 feet from the house — preferably as far out on your property as practical. Plan pipe runs to avoid tree roots, and try not to dig trenches straight down slopes, because they could wash out in a storm. Set the top rims of all catch basins a couple inches higher than the surrounding grade to form shallow ponding areas where water can soak in. Make double-sure that the rims are well below the floor height of your house and other buildings. Where catch basins are located away from traffic areas, use domed atrium grates rather than flat-topped ones so that leaves won't plug them up.

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Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

How would you like to save a ton of money and increase the value of your home by as much as thirty percent! If your homes landscape is designed properly it will be a source of enjoyment for your entire family, it will enhance your community and add to the resale value of your property. Landscape design involves much more than placing trees, shrubs and other plants on the property. It is an art which deals with conscious arrangement or organization of outdoor space for human satisfaction and enjoyment.

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